Imagine this :
You’re a mom of a newborn, maybe you have a toddler or two as well. You love being a mom, but it’s also kind of the worst thing that’s ever happened to you. You’re not sleeping. You’re not eating. Nursing is hard. Bottle feeding is hard. Caring for your other children is hard. You have no help. You think about killing yourself daily. You know that’s not an option so instead you go to the ER and tell them you’re thinking about suicide so they admit you and treat you like a criminal and house you with criminals and druggies when they transfer you to a “mental health care facility”. It doesn’t help by the way, you demand to be sent home. Now the ER doctor has called CPS. CPS comes and takes your children to Foster Care and thus starts a YEARS (yes I said said years as in plural, years) battle to bring them home. So now what are you to do? Is there anything even left?

Today, in America up to 80% of new mothers will experience, at the very least, “the baby blues”. Of that 80%, 10-20% will experience Clinical Postpartum Depression. Additionally, studies show that 30% of these mothers will begin to experience symptoms in pregnancy. To my knowledge, in the US there are only two treatment centers that even accept these patients and they are far more expensive than the average family in America could ever hope to afford on their own. Oftentimes the mothers are left with no options, too afraid to go to the ER for fear of CPS intervention or otherwise.

We propose a treatment center with specialized care for mothers suffering from Postpartum Depression, Anxiety or Psychosis.  We want to build a postpartum health care ranch or rehab if you will. At this ranch there would be homes with rooms for the mothers to inpatient if needed with nurses on staff to care for the babies so that trauma is not caused to the infant in having the mother away for some time. There would be psychologists and therapists on staff for multiple group and individual therapies each day, outpatient clients would commute in for sessions. We would have childcare for the babies to go to. A staffer to help each family at night. There would be horses for equine therapy. We would have therapy dogs come in and so much more. Anything needed to equip the moms with coping skills and life skills needed to care for herself and her family well.